Where do Sesame Seeds Come From? Here is the Correct Answer!

In this article, we will explain where do Sesame seeds come from, and the classification of their seeds. Despite their small size, sesame seeds are a very valuable cash crop.

These seeds are made from the Sesamum Indicum tree, which is native to Africa but can be found almost everywhere in Asia. The largest producers are India and Myanmar.

The oldest oil-seed plant known to man, the sesame plant, is used for cooking and medicinal purposes around the globe. The seeds can be used as a spice or seasoning. They are perfect for adding flavor to a fast-food burger.

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Sesame plants are annual that can reach a little more than three feet in height. The sesame plant’s flowers can be white, pink, or pinkish-purple and the seeds grow in long, elongated pods. Harvest time arrives, the stalks are wrapped and the seeds are taken out of their pods.

The little guys in their natural state are dark brown. They can be found most commonly at health food stores. Bread and bun-use seeds are frequently washed and bleached to make them whiter.

McDonald’s buys approximately 75 percent of the Mexican sesame seed crop. Their purchasing power parity has an impact on global market prices for sesame seeds each year.

4 Types Of Sesame Seeds

According to a Hindu legend, sesame seeds are a symbol of ‘immortality’. The tiny, oval-shaped sesame nut is flat in shape and the oldest oilseed crop known to man. It is also considered one of the most nutritious foods. India is the top exporter of a sesame seed, accounting for more than 80%. The following countries are also included in the top exporter’s list:

  1. China,
  2. Mexico,
  3. Japan.

The seeds are well-known for their unique flavor. The most popular color is white, pale grayish ivory, or brown.

You can eat the seeds raw, dried, or roasted. They can also be used in international food preparations.

These are some of the most popular varieties of Sesame Seeds:

  1. Brown Seeds – The brown sesame seed is widely used in India for oil extraction.
  2. White Sesame – These white seeds, which come from India, are known for their unique flavor. They can be sprinkled on cakes and buns.
  3. Black Seeds – These black seeds have a rich flavor and are used mainly to season salads, marinate meats and vegetables and for medicinal purposes.
  4. Red Sesame seeds – The red seeds have a rich aroma and are used primarily in dishes to enhance their taste.

These seeds are used by the Mexicans for sauces such as Mole or adobo. The Japanese and Chinese mix the black seeds in their fish and meat dishes. In India, the most popular use of these sesame seed seeds is as seasonings for many food delicacies.

Now you already understand the history of sesame and where do Sesame Seeds come from. Until this stage, which one is still not clear? please let me know.


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