8 Best Way!! How to be an Independent Artist [In Music]

If you’ve to search how to be an independent artist, you can learn how to do it from the comfort of your own home. You can create your own music, work out how to get gigs, and connect with the music industry’s movers and shakers.

As an independent artist, you’ll have to build your network from the ground up. The first gig you do should be free and will serve as a valuable experience. Performing in a small venue will give you the confidence you need to perform for more large venues.

To make a living as an independent artist, you must dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to your work. You need to be prepared to work long hours, and you must learn how to manage your time and resources efficiently.

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Although some tasks may be easy to do on your own, other tasks may be a bit complicated or even impossible. For example, you might not need a songwriting assistant, as you can write and produce the songs yourself. Instead, you can use your network of friends and family to help you.

An independent artist can be the best of both worlds. They are the most creative person in the music industry and can create whatever type of music they want. There’s no need to worry about chart success because there’s no one else to do it but you.

Moreover, as an independent artist, you can focus on your music. And you can make your music your own. And because you’re not tied to anyone else, you have complete control over your creative output.

8 Succesful Tips to be an Independent Artist in The Music Industry

Okay, let’s continue to the main topic. Here is the best way you can pass if you want to be a successful music artist.

1. Write your Ideas

How to be an Independent Artist

No matter if you are just starting out, or if you have a few songs under your belt, you should always create new music. There is nothing more thrilling and inspiring than new ideas. Creating a library of demo material should be at the top of your priority list.

Instead of hurrying to finish your work, allow yourself to create and review it. You can always move on if you are having trouble with an idea or feeling overwhelmed. But don’t abandon it. It is possible to extract the strongest elements from your ideas, and then use them later.

Record as you write to ensure ideas are not lost. Live recordings of you and your band are fine. It doesn’t have to sound polished at the beginning. Even in the simplest form, your best songs will be obvious. Imagine how it will sound finished if it sounds good in a demo.

2. Practice More than Other

How to be an Independent Artist

It is crucial to practice if you are going to make a career out of your musical endeavors. No matter what your level of ability, practice will keep you focused and on the right track. You can improve your skills and experiment by practicing songs and techniques.

It is important to get together with your band members regularly if you are in one. You will learn more from one another as you play together.

As you play together, you will begin to see the similarities between your playing styles, strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they communicate with each other. You will all be able to work together and perform better together.

A well-rehearsed group with strong group dynamics will make an impact. Audiences can be very observant of your performance so don’t underestimate them, especially non-musicians.

3. Show your Talent and Gig

How to be an Independent Artist

Now that you have perfected your songs and practiced them, it is time to start gigging! It’s hard to beat performing your music on stage. Although it might seem daunting at first, once you start to perform your songs in front of people more often, you will become more comfortable with the task.

Do your research about the scene in your area and other artists. Realistically, look for venues and promoters that you might be able to work with. Look for people you can meet online or in person.

Do not be discouraged if you do not hear back from the people you contact. This is a common occurrence in business. Continue to search for every opportunity.

Remember that the first gigs you accept will be primarily for learning. To build your confidence, take on as many gigs as possible. This will make you more prepared for when you land a bigger job.

Every gig is important, so give your best. You never know who may be watching.

4. Showing Good Impression

Showing good impression

The next step of How to be an Independent Artist is always showing a good impression.

Independent artists will need to know how to network. Even if you don’t think it matters, every connection could open the door to a new opportunity. Make sure you are visible by attending events and talking to people face-to-face.

It is important to show kindness to people in the industry. People will be more open to working with you, music aside. Being rude or uncooperative closes doors very quickly. You will be better prepared for future opportunities if you leave a positive impression on and off the stage.

5. Be Your Own Manager

Managing by yourself

While being a great musician can be important, it’s not enough to build a successful career. To make the project move forward, there must be work done behind the scenes. You will need to manage the tasks yourself if you don’t have someone to help you.

A manager would typically be responsible for booking gigs, organizing members, and networking. These tasks, along with performing and writing, can be difficult to manage.

As much as possible, try to distribute tasks among the group. When it comes to managing these tasks, it is important to communicate with and cooperate. Support others when they take on responsibility.

It’s one less person you will have to pay if you all can pitch in and run the project successfully on your own. The right manager will often have their own connections that can help you achieve bigger and better opportunities. It’s worth looking for someone to work with.

6. Take Advantage of Social Media

How to be an Independent Artist

Although social media is almost unavoidable nowadays, it’s important to remember how important it can be for your band’s success. You can share your music and communicate with your followers directly through social media.

These are some tips that will help you promote your band online.

  • Spamming does not work. People receive a lot of information every day. They don’t need any more information that has been forced on them. Invite people to like your page and make sure to personalise it. Respect their decision to not follow you.
  • Create engaging Content. Make your followers feel involved. Let them interact with and react to what you create. Inclusion encourages people to feel more invested in what your band is doing, which is particularly important for independent bands. Engage with others by sharing photos, videos, polls and even open-ended questions.
  • You must be aware of your own limitations. Your online presence should reflect the band’s views and behavior. You can leave social media posts to the people who are most likely to be heard.
  • Be flexible with your messages Do not post the same message on all channels. Your posts should be tailored to the platform that you use. Fans will be more inclined to follow you across multiple channels if this is done.
  • Sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are more visible to a wider audience by paying for them. These posts can be used strategically. Be realistic with your budget, select the right audience and focus on important messages. Music releases, big concert dates.
  • Be open to new ideas. Your followers will love unique content.
  • Create a website. There are so many social media platforms that a website might seem unnecessary. Having your own landing page can boost your professional image, and you can customize the presentation of your content.

7. Saving Money by Doing it Yourself

How to be an Independent Artist

You can’t afford to label your music, so you need to ensure that you only spend the money you have. It’s easy to feel that a tight budget is going to keep you from purchasing the things you need, such as music and artwork.

Although it may seem obvious, the best way to save money on your project is to make it yourself. You can easily learn how to make these recordings yourself using a variety of online resources, and even cheaper recording technology. You’re a winner if you have members of your band with these skills.

If you are having trouble creating a sound or artwork that is pleasing to the ears, it may be worth speaking to your family and friends. You will often find someone you can trust to help you. While you shouldn’t expect friends to help you for free, it’s a good idea to offer some exchange if you don’t have the money.

8. Launch Your Music

release the music album

The internet has changed the way music is shared with the world. You can upload your music to Soundcloud, YouTube, or Bandcamp so anyone can instantly listen to it.

The internet has changed how we listen to music. Many people turn to stream services that offer curated playlists and paid streaming to get the most recent music.

What is the best way to increase your reach in the new music industry without the help of a PR firm? The best place to begin is with a plan. These are some tips to help you create an independent release campaign.

  • First, finish the music. Choose your strongest single or an EP to be released. It should be recorded, mixed and mastered before you begin the release process.
  • Make a timeline with key dates and deadlines. This will allow you to visualize key dates from the release date. You can give your fans time to build anticipation and allow for 8-12 weeks.
  • You can publish your music. This allows you to register your music and allow you to collect royalties through societies like PRS. You can do this yourself, but it is much easier to publish via sites such as Sentric to receive a portion of your royalties. This should be done as soon as your songs are finished.
  • Digital distribution. Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have a large user base that allows you to promote your music to new audiences. This will take at least four weeks as a digital distributor will need to verify your music and deliver it to streaming services. More information can be found in our blog post Selling your music online
  • Promotional and Content. Promoting your release should be a large part of your plan. This can be done by drip feeding content, such as pictures, audio clips, and spontaneous posts, about the release. You should also make time to send your music out to tastemakers and other relevant contacts for feedback.
  • Release Show. You can either organize your own event, or partner with a promoter for a gig after your release. You can make it unique and special by booking support acts that complement your music. You can always have a limited edition of physical copies if you release an EP. Exclusive content is a big hit with people. If you don’t sell all of them on the night, they will be sold later.

Remember to be patient. A structured release plan is better than just putting the music out when it’s done.


Another way to be an independent artist is to promote your previously released music. This will increase your fans and get them excited about your music.

You can also release acoustic and remixed versions of your songs. You can even host contests, where fans can help you record a track or remix a song for your album. These are two great ways to get the attention of fans and build your fan base.

As an independent artist, you’ll be in charge of your career and will be able to set your own goals. There’s no one to help you. The main goal of being an independent artist is to make yourself popular, and your music will become more widely known.

If you want to become a star, you have to focus on your passion and creativity. You’ll need a team to support you, so if you don’t want to go it alone, be prepared to hire the services of a manager or producer.

An independent artist needs to have a well-toned mind, voice, and body. Being fit means that you can play without tension and practice for longer periods of time.

It is also important to keep your life and art organized. You can set reminders for important tasks, schedule gigs, and other aspects that matter most to you. You can also find tools to help you stay organized. There are many different ways to be an independent artist.

I hope it was answer your question about how to be an independent artist.


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