Hawkers Delray: Asian Street Food and Menus Review

When it comes to Asian street food, you can’t go wrong with Hawkers Delray. Located at 1930 Camden Road, Suite 260, this restaurant is a step above the typical hawker fare. The decor is eclectic, including a bar and garage doors.

The menu features 31 small plates that range in price from $3 to $12. There is also a full bar. To drink, choose from six classic cocktails or 12 specialty cocktails.

This Delray restaurant is one of 10 Hawkers locations. It is owned by the same people who run the restaurants in foodie Meat Co. in Atlanta and the power broker town of East Nashville.

The interior of the South Florida restaurant is very lively, and the sweeping courtyard is the perfect setting for group dates.

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The open kitchen and large garage doors give diners a great view of Atlantic Avenue and the popular sidewalk tables. The food is fresh and reasonably priced.

Hawkers Delray has a distinctly Asian atmosphere and a casual, family-friendly atmosphere. The restaurant’s expansive courtyard is perfect for families with children.

The interior design is striking, and the decor is stunning. The upscale feel makes it a great place for a date or family outing.

There are two bars inside, one with a pool table and the other on the outside. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to midnight.

Hawkers Delray offers a variety of breakfast and brunch menus

Hawkers Delray Beach
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The brunch menu is inspired by breakfast classics but incorporates Asian flavors to create a unique dining experience.

A special Saturday night brunch menu also includes a selection of cocktails. The bar area is the perfect spot for an early evening drink.

A new addition to the Hawkers Delray lineup is new sourdough bread with Asian flavors. The brunch menu has been complemented by a new cocktail list that combines traditional American favorites with Asian flavors.

The Asian street food concept is prevalent throughout Asia, where hawkers sell their dishes from mobile carts.

Unlike other restaurants, hawkers rely on locally grown ingredients to create their dishes. They’re also popular for their delicious and authentic cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for Korean, Thai, or Japanese, you’ll be able to find an amazing dining experience at Hawkers Delray. You’ll be pleased with your meal and the service.

If you’re looking for Asian street food, Hawkers Delray offers both traditional and modern options. The Korean fried chicken biscuits are a popular choice and feature sausage gravy and fried eggs.

The Coconut Curry Eggs Benedict is served on toasted baguettes and features poached eggs and crispy pork belly. The “Grits” dish is the best-selling item at Hawkers Delray. The shrimp is served with rice congee.

If you’re looking for Asian street food, consider stopping by Hawkers Delray. This restaurant offers delivery to many nearby areas.

If you’re looking for something unique, you can order it online and have it delivered to your door. You can even order it for pickup at an additional charge.

The menu is available online for your convenience and can be viewed online by clicking on the menu link. In addition to the full menu, Hawkers Delray also offers a home delivery service.

This restaurant is also known for its inventive cocktails. The butterfly pea flower tea in the vodka cocktail adds vibrant purple color to the cocktail, which makes it perfect for a romantic date. The On Cloud Wine is a sparkling rose with cotton candy.

The Kimchi Bloody Mary is a spicy Bloody Mary. The kimchi Bloody Mary is served with house-made kimchi mix and green chili-infused vodka. The spicy cocktail is served with jumbo cocktail shrimp and kimchi-stuffed olives.

The food at Hawkers Delray isn’t your ordinary street food. Its elevated versions of Asian street foods will make you feel like you’re in a different country.

The dishes are served at the bar. The restaurant also offers late-night happy hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Guests can enjoy a discount on appetizers and drinks

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Review: Hawkers Asian Street Food

Hawkers Delray Beach

The Florida-based Asian street food chain just opened its doors within Bethesda Row and is all the rage. The Hawkers restaurant Hawkers is a mix of different Asian dishes and serves Indian, Malaysian and Vietnamese dishes.

Hawkers have a large menu but are most famous because of its bao, and noodles.

It was the Yaki Udon noodles were a personal fan. They were exactly the perfect amount of spice and thickness However, I’d recommend erring in the direction of caution when you’re not usually looking for spicy food.

Another popular dish of theirs can be found in the Pad Thai that is among the most delicious Asian noodles I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Rice noodles are smothered in sauce and served with a variety of vegetables.

Another favorite among fans is Roti Canai. Roti Canai refers to a Malaysian-style flatbread that is served alongside curry sauce. Contrary to what has commonly believed my experience was that the flatbread be very oily, and I didn’t really enjoy the meal.

Even though Hawker isn’t kosher, it does offer a wide selection of vegetarian meals including tofu, edamame, and roti. The tofu bites that were crispy were extremely crunchy, but they were not very flavorful.

Another dish that is popular among vegetarians can be found in Hawker’s Delight. The dish is made up of seared tofu, tossed in wok sauce. The tofu is mixed in with vegetables and can be an alternative to crisp tofu bites. Both are delicious however I would suggest the latter option if you’re seeking a more flavorful alternative.

The service provided by Hawkers is quick and the employees are helpful. Hawkers provide both outdoor and indoor seating and employ numerous safety measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Wearing masks is required when sitting, and the spaces are thoroughly cleaned after parties are finished eating.

But, when I went on a Saturday night it was extremely crowded which made me a bit uneasy due to the coronavirus. The service, however, was swift and efficient and the food was prepared in just 20 minutes.

Canai is Indian Cuisine

I was on the outside, and I was chilly even with the heating lamps. It is crucial to dress warmly to enjoy the experience. If you don’t wish to stay in the cold or shiver the site is simple to navigate and allows you to make an online purchase for pickup and delivery.

The website has all its menu items, with images and descriptions, however, there are no dietary restrictions. I recommend calling before making an order.

Hawkers are less expensive than many restaurants, with its highest-priced meal costing $9.50 however, its portions are smaller. I suggest eating a variety of meals and sharing them with friends who came along for the dinner.

Hawkers is a fantastic take on street food that is Asian-inspired catering to a diverse audience. I would recommend Hawkers to adults as well as families due to its huge menu, which offers a range of options that even children who are picky will love.


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