10 Most Famous Street Artists in The World 2022

Famous street artists have made the world a better place, and the art they create demonstrates that. You can find these colorful and often controversial images everywhere, from subways to ghettos.

These pieces have social, political, and environmental messages, and can often be found on buildings that were once abandoned.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most prominent artists, including Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat SAMO.

1. Banksy

Most Famous Street Artists

Famous street artists like Banksy use stencil art techniques to make public statements. One of the most well-known pieces is ‘Kissing Coppers’, which was painted on the wall of the Prince Albert Pub in Brighton.

The work was removed in 2011 after an anonymous buyer bought it in Miami. Another famous piece is ‘The Birds Singing in a Tree’, which is still up for display in San Francisco. Other artists have added their own work to it.

Mobstr is another stencil artist who has gained popularity for his subversive approach to street art. His website reveals his subversive streak and is the darling of the underground art scene. Aito has plans to become the biggest street artist in Japan.

While his works are highly influential, he is still relatively new. However, his work is already being featured on a number of public walls around the world.

2. Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is a street artist who combines many mediums into his artwork. His work includes photography, collages, screen printing, rubylith, stickers, wheatpaste, and even wood. He also works on canvas and metal.

His work is so influential that many people have copied his style. Fairey has even been arrested 18 times. Despite all of his success, however, Fairey has faced controversy and questioned his legitimacy.

The street art and activism that Shepard Fairey creates has a global impact. His murals and posters advocate for awareness of environmental issues and political protest. His work can be found in museums and galleries around the world.

Fairey’s work is also recognized in the field of graphic design. The portrait of Barack Obama by Shepard Fairey has become an icon for many people. His posters have become extremely popular, and he has also become a celebrity in the world.

Shepard Fairey was initially a skateboarder who liked punk music. He became interested in becoming an artist at the age of fourteen. Fairey’s work is very colorful, and he has painted hundreds of walls around the world.

Fairey was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but he began painting on t-shirts and skateboards at an early age. Fairey’s interest in street art began when he saw a poster of Andre the Giant in a newspaper. Fairey then began putting his works on the street.

3. Keith Haring

Keith Haring

American street artist Keith Haring became a renowned figure in the early 1980s. A prominent social activist, he created work in both the studio and on the street. Known for his colorful figures and iconography, his work responds to contemporary social and political issues.

He began creating his works on subway platforms and sidewalks, where passersby would see his colorful characters.

Although his work was often defaced by vandals, Keith Haring eventually found a way to make the transition from the streets to the gallery. Originally from Pennsylvania, Keith Haring abandoned his commercial art career to move to New York City.

The artist met Jean-Michel Basquiat and the two of them forged friendships. Haring’s work was popular, and his AIDS-related death in 1989 contributed to a burgeoning art world.

4. Jean-Michel Basquiat SAMO

A collection of the iconic work of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is an essential addition to any art collector’s home. The Neo-expressionist artist rose to fame in the 1980s and is one of the most famous names in the art world today.

The SAMO is a collection of his most famous works, all of which are now in a museum in New York City. It is sure to be a conversation starter and will inspire you to explore his works even more.

The exhibition card of Jean-Michel Basquiat is signed by the artist and bears a certificate of authenticity. The artist’s name is pronounced Szohn Meas-shell, but it was originally pronounced ah in his native New York.

The artist’s work was greatly influenced by the television show Grey’s Anatomy. The SAMO exhibition card comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can be sure that it is authentic.

5. Lady Pink

Lady Pink

One of the most famous female graffiti writers, Lady Pink started painting subway trains in NYC when she was only fifteen years old. Her first train was completed in 1980 and her work has now been recognized by several museums in New York City.

Lady Pink’s evolution as an artist reflects that of the street art scene. She moved from graffiti to muralist art while maintaining its rebellious spirit. In 1982, she starred in the film Wild Style, which helped make her a cult figure in the hip-hop subculture.

Born in Ecuador, Lady Pink grew up in New York and attended the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan. During her early teenage years, she started writing graffiti and illustrating street murals in New York.

She began displaying her work in galleries at a young age, and when she graduated, she was invited to take part in the first-ever graffiti exhibit at Fashion Moda in New York. Her work continues to spread across the world today, and her work has been featured on many major museum walls.

6. Dondi White

Dondi White

Dondi White is an American graffiti artist, known for his unique style. Although he began creating his famous works in the early nineties, he would spend several months developing his style before he decided to make them public.

In addition to his original pieces, he also created prints of his famous works. Whether you prefer the recognizable Dondi letter D or a more contemporary design, Dondi White will have the perfect piece for you.

Dondi White’s work has been viewed by millions of people worldwide. His paintings include iconic pieces such as “Children of the Grave” (which covered three subway cars), which are associated with hip hop and rock.

He has come into contact with many famous street artists, such as Keith Haring, and was also inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat. The following three pieces are some of the most well-known of White’s works.

Dondi White, originally from Brooklyn, began his career as a tagging artist. He was a member of The TOP Crew, which was part of the infamous Brooklyn graff crew, The Odd Partners.

In 1977, he joined the Crazy Inside Artists group, which he referred to as the CIA. Dondi also continued the tradition of painting subway cars. Dondi White passed away in 2009 but his art and legacy live on.

7. Daze World

daze world

New York-based street artist Daze started his career as a graffiti writer while attending the High School of Art and Design. He has long been a fan of the subway and found his greatest inspiration in its details.

He began riding the trains during the golden seventies and eighties and has never forgotten it. He continues to return to the streets and subways for inspiration, bringing color, vibrancy, and ragged edges to the everyday environment.

A renowned street artist, Daze started painting on aerosol cans as early as the 1970s and has never strayed from his style or subject matter. While a true graffiti artist, Daze has also transitioned to the studio, exhibiting his works at the URBAN NATION Museum in New York City in 2017.

8. John Cornbread

Corn Bread Arts

CORNBREAD was a graffiti artist whose fame predates contemporary graffiti artists such as Banksy. After a cook refused to serve him cornbread, McCray wrote “Cornbread loves Cynthia” all over North Philadelphia.

He continued tagging the streets after winning Cynthia’s heart, but Philadelphia newspapers mistakenly identified him as a tagger. His work is so well-known, that graffiti is now a billion-dollar industry and fuels national ad campaigns.

The very first tags of Cornbread were discovered in the 1960s, and the style explodes in New York in the 1970s. Artists such as Banksy and JR continue to spread the popularity of this new art form.

Banksy, a freehand graffiti artist, began using cornbread in the 1990s as a canvas. After discovering it, he began to repeat images and develop a distinctive style.

Graffiti was first sprayed on walls as a way to gain personal recognition and mark gang territory. The graffiti artists at the time were known as “graffiti loners” and would aim to reach as many walls as possible and be as extreme as possible.

His first graffiti piece was a street mural of the famous rapper Kool Klepto Kid. During the 1970s, New York City faced a fiscal crisis.

Graffiti was a major problem, and officials took steps to control it. Some cities used anti-graffiti measures, including requiring offenders to clean graffiti. They also put up razor-wire fencing in train yards to prevent graffiti from spreading.


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