eHarmony Reviews 2022 | Is It Worth or Not?

In this article, we will break down all things in eHarmony reviews. Most likely the most popular and well-known dating site worldwide is eHarmony. However, just because it’s a ton of followers does it mean that it’s the best choice for those looking for serious relationships? Maybe…but perhaps not.

If you’re trying to figure out the answer to this question, or whether you should use eHarmony or not the effort or find out what other users think that they are, then you should be. Below, we’ve collected all of the data from the eHarmony review to assist you determine whether this is the best option for you, or not.

When we’ve finished our thorough eHarmony review, you’ll to know how they stand against other dating sites. They boast of having the most successful matchmaking outcomes and has the highest number of marriages. But are they able to really walk the talk?

EHarmony the bottom Line Front Front

In case you’re looking for a spoiler, will see from our ranking and reviews below that eHarmony is not just walking the walk, they also dance to the beat, and they do all the other tricks you’d ever wish an online dating website to perform. The site will be a major victory for singles seeking lasting and committed relationships. If you’re looking to meet casually however eHarmony won’t be able be a good fit to you.

  • Most powerful Pro Unbeatable record of success, with more than 2 million being in lovers (someone in every fourteen minutes)
  • Most glaring drawback It is more expensive than other dating websites online (though it does lessen the number of people seeking to play games but not really take the whole process seriously)

If you’d like to get into eHarmony and explore the features yourself (which we highly recommend) We’ve provided the link to a trial for free below, which you can utilize to begin exploring. You can click it now or take a moment to read some of our experts’ views from their reviews of eHarmony first, and then take a look. You’re on the road today: )

Overall EHarmony Rating

eHarmony review
High-Quality Matches9.8/10.0


Pros and Pros and App


  • Top-quality singles available to select from
  • One of the most clean and user-friendly interfaces we’ve encountered (app or desktop)
  • High-tech matchmaking system with a an extremely high success rate
  • More than 2 million people have found love in this country and there are still more
  • 51% males to 49 51% women to 49 (fairly an equal ratio)
  • A new video-based dating platform has been integrated in the eHarmony app


  • A limited trial is free, however regular communication weekends are free and offer access to all features
  • Much more expensive than other dating websites
  • Not ideal for singles who are looking to meet casually
  • A longer sign-up process is required as compared to other dating apps.

By clicking this link You’ll automatically be provided with a trial account for free that includes the possibility to take part in the free weekend of communication which we’ll explain more thoroughly in the section on features below. Furthermore, sign up discounts and promotions are available exclusively only to those who have registered to a free trial account.

The Editor’s Review

“I’ve been pretty familiar with eHarmony during this entire process. Overall I think my eHarmony review has revealed the possibility of a dating website that may cost a little more however, you will see outcomes. If I had to go through the same thing over and over, eHarmony would be my first choice for a dating app to help with weddings and relationships.”

Jason Lee, Chief Editor of Best Dating Online Dating

“There’s an element of doing things perfect the first go around. My eHarmony review revealed an online dating service that actually helps those who are looking for a serious relationship. If you’re not looking to waste the next few years searching in love, a high-quality dating site such as eHarmony might help you.”

– Linda Morris, Associate Reviews Editor

“Ladies If you’re looking for a serious connection, there’s no reason to search any further. The method I observed in the course of my eHarmony review is ideal to assist you in finding Mr. Right. If you’re just searching for Mr. Right Now, this site isn’t for you. “

” Christina Anne, Contributing Writer

The Sign Up Process (Average 20-30 minutes)

If you sign up with eHarmony, it becomes evident very quickly that they take the procedure seriously. Not so seriously that it takes away all the excitement but in a manner that creates that exuberance because you’re sure that they’ll offer you a chance to meet that special person.

When you first attempt to sign up for your account on the site, you have the option to opt to sign up manually using your email address, or log in using Facebook or sign in via your Apple account in the case of the eHarmony application. If you choose to sign up with Facebook the best part is that they don’t post anything on your Facebook wall, or inform your friends, or do anything similar to that.

One thing you might want to consider if you opt to use Facebook Facebook choice is the details you’d like to submit to eHarmony. A lot of information is automatically picked, such as things like your relationship status, your liked posts and your Facebook timeline posts…Our assumption is that this is done to make your profile more complete faster, however it can appear to be an awful lot.

The best thing to do is remove everything else and give them the information they require, that is your name, your profile photo as well as any other public information you’ve got. It’s entirely up to you to decide, but this is what we decided to do as it was our intention to fill in all of the information our own. Who knows what nutty things we’ve got on our Facebook profiles that we didn’t know about? If you’d like to cut down on time in the sign-up process , do not hesitate to allow them to do what they are best at and let it go to the trash.

When you’ve got your first account set up, you’ll be straight into the compatibility test. Continue reading to learn more about the way this process works.

eHarmony Compatibility Quiz

eHarmony Reviews with Infographic

We’re not going to publish the questions from the compatibility test here , as we feel that it could disrupt the process, and we wish you to make the most using your eHarmony user experience. We’ll provide specifics of the process, however.

eHarmony will be asking you a variety of questions about yourself as a person, your attitude towards yourself as well as what you’re looking to find in an ideal companion, and number of other. There are even some bizarre questions that ask you to examine a variety of images and choose which you prefer the most. This may seem odd but the process they use yields amazing results, so we’re up for it.

It’s not too difficult however, it’ll prompt you to think about your personality and the kind of matches you’re searching for. We strongly suggest taking this eHarmony compatibility test seriously and putting a lot of time into the answers.

eHarmony reviews results state it’s the key to their achievement If you’re someone who’s been trying to find that perfect person and you’re not sure where to start, why not give them the an opportunity to make their mark?

There are six parts of the compatibility test, and it’s likely require at least 15 to 20 minutes to complete at the very least, in the event that you truly are taking your time with it.

The compatibility test is most of your registration time. This is an advantage for you. From all of the reviews we’ve conducted, the eHarmony’s aim of matching people who are compatible is most apparent when you sign up. The compatibility test is conducted on a scale of how much something can be applied to you. Here’s a sample questions look like:

When you’re done filling the compatibility test after which the experts and algorithms of eHarmony will begin to work. Don’t fret if aren’t able to complete your registration in one go. eHarmony will store everything for you in the event that you have to revisit at a later time. It will be clear when you see this amazing screen.

You’ll be required to upload a photo to your eHarmony profile using either your computer or Your Facebook Account. If you aren’t interested in making the change immediately but you’re allowed not to complete this task for a short time.

Are there high-top-quality matches on EHarmony?

The most crucial aspect of any review we conduct of a dating website online will be whether they have high-quality matches to select from. If eHarmony did not have any members or were of low quality, what’s their reason?

As you might already have realized, due to eHarmony’s meticulous sign-up procedure and their vigorous marketing campaigns, the singles available on the site were numerous and extremely high-quality.

According to the website of eHarmony millions of individuals from all kinds of lives (ages as well as nationalities, ethnicities and even religious and political convictions) have utilized their compatibility tool and have been able to find long-term relationships. Particularly, eHarmony markets to and is accessible across the United States, Canada, Australia as well as in the United Kingdom.

Like we usually do this, let us get the facts out front. EHarmony’s claims that they’ve a large number of top-quality members is a fact.

Matches are displayed in grid form on your dashboard as a member. Below, you’ll be able to see what we found after getting our account started.

When you see that the images are blurred, that is due to the fact that you are able to only see your matches as well as their profiles prior to upgrading to an account that is paid. All pictures will be blurred (which we do in all our reviews ) We appreciate your assistance eHarmony).

eHarmony App Member Quality Testing

We tried out games in many diverse towns (only within the United States) including big cities as well as smaller ones, as well as with a variety of different factors. The results we got were aplenty. There are a lot of people who have singles. eHarmony is staggering and all of them were full of authentic profiles.

In contrast to other dating websites, eHarmony does a great job of removing any fake or spammy profiles that might have got through the cracks. We’re just not certain how this could happen in their sign-up procedure.

We went back to our review profile from our test to make changes to our review and we discovered that our account was removed from the site due to not being a genuine account. Although this was a bit of more effort for us, we are glad to learn that eHarmony quickly reviewed and delete the account that was non-active and was not an actual “real” user.

eHarmony is doing this to shield its existing members from anyone who may not be fully committed to the process or, at the very least, haven’t made the next step. That’s right, it’s people who haven’t yet paid for an upgrade to their membership. You can view their complete profile it allows you to discover the potential matches eHarmony has identified for you.

eHarmony Profiles

Here’s what your profile looks before you upgrade to an account that is paid. It is possible to see all of the details about your relationship, but not the photos. We’ve included two images on this page. Why? We wanted to demonstrate how eHarmony profiles on the app have evolved throughout the decades. The image on left shows an eHarmony profile that was a few years old. The image to left (or beneath if using a mobile) shows what profiles will look as in 2022.

If you’re interested, we’ve removed the personally identifiable information but you’ll still be able to view that information once you sign up for the eHarmony accounts on the app.

Profil sections contain:

  • Introduction It’s a text area where singles can post details about who they are and what they’re seeking.
  • About Me This is a compilation of questions with short answers listed below.
    • I am passionate in…
    • What I’m grateful for
    • If I require advice I’m making a call…
    • One thing that is always going to cheer me up is…
    • One of the first things that people take note of about me…
    • My most unforgettable travel story…
    • If I’m not in a good mood…
    • A peculiar habit I have…
  • Lifestyle It is a list of activities and interests you can choose from a selection
  • The top of the page Name, Age, Job, Number of Photos and Last Login
  • “Fact file”
    • Residence city
    • Occupation
    • The type of the body as well as its height
    • Ethnicity
    • Graduation and the University
    • Different languages are spoken
    • Nicotine habits
    • Alcohol consumption habits
    • Exercise habits
    • Status of marriage
    • Children
    • Religion
  • Entertainment
    • Television shows that you love and films
    • Songs likes
    • My top books

The Bottom Line on the Qualitative of Singles on the eHarmony App

The most important thing we learned from our eHarmony review is that the site is full of premium people who’re serious about their on-line dating experience.

We found that nearly people on the site are in search of something significant (marriage in the future) which means this isn’t likely to be a good site for someone seeking a casual affair or something that is casual. If you’re trying to find someone who will become an ongoing relationship, eHarmony is going to be ideal for you.

Concerning the ages of singles We saw singles across the spectrum. It was evident that the mid – to late 20s, 30s, 40s and the early 50s were the most popular age groups, however there were plenty of singles in the 20s early bracket as well as those on the “more experiences in life” part of the bracket, too.

It’s hands down one of the easiest five-star rating we’ve ever given to an online dating website.

 Is eHarmony is a Christian dating website?

The most frequent questions we get are whether eHarmony can be used by Christians or is it an Christian dating website? let’s continue our eharmony reviews.

Let’s address both of these questions beginning with the second. It’s not true, eHarmony is not a Christian dating website. But many believe it’s because of the serious character of the app’s strategy. What it means is eHarmony draws a large number of single Christians even while it’s not a religious dating app.

Also you’re not. eHarmony isn’t a dedicated Christian dating app, but it’s still a excellent platform that caters to Christian singles. It’s possible to meet people of different religions (or those who aren’t religious there) however, you’ll also meet plenty of single men and women seeking religious dating. It also comes with some fantastic tools that can help you quickly filter your options to find those who match what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a completely religious-based app then you should look through our list of most popular Christian dating applications.

How simple is the site to make use of?

If there’s something that eHarmony reviews has spent more money than marketing, it’s going been their coders and designers. Their web and interfaces for apps are among the smoothest and most simple to use we’ve seen.

Finding what you’re looking to find is easy and isn’t requiring an education in computer science to determine. It’s obvious that they designed eHarmony for all to use, without getting their hair pulled out or banging their computer on the floor.

Your member area is comprised of four links on to the right of your page to select from:

  • Matches
  • Messages
  • A drop-down menu which contains the following information and links:
    • Edit Profile
    • Personality Profile
    • Data and Settings and
    • Help
    • Log out

Under the tab for matches under the matches tab, you’ll be able to see all the matches eHarmony currently has available for you. They’re laid out in grid-like format , with features that you can sort through across the top. You can also modify your preferences on matches by clicking this tab in the event the information you’re seeking in the matches has changed.

It is also possible to see your top matches as well as those who are most like you, and even your mutual matches. There’s also a section called “What If” that we’ll discuss in detail in the section on features of this review.

Under the tab “messages You’ll find…your messages! You probably didn’t think of this one being released. The design of the messaging area is clean and appears exactly like the way things appear on Facebook messenger, only better. This is a clear indication that eHarmony truly cares about user experience, right down to the smallest aspect.

The main point is that you’ll not have any issues figuring out how to navigate the interface that is basic to eHarmony.

eHarmony Guided Communication

eHarmony reviews
eHarmony reviews

One thing eHarmony reviews is trying to achieve makes the process of dating as easy as is possible. One method they use to accomplish this is by using its guided messaging process. This eHarmony guidelined communication method is a 4-step process that helps you discover potential matches in an “controlled way.” Although that may not sound like the perfect romantic approach however, it allows you to begin to ease into the process. It will make the dating and the process of feeling out significantly more smoothly.

One thing we want to highlight before we go into the details of how it functions is that, once you’re an active member, you can bypass the entire guided communication process and instead send messages just like you would on a typical dating website.

The method is known as “Skip to EH Mail” by the website. eHarmony has stated on their blog that people are more likely to make mistakes during the process of dating due to being too quick or forward when they go straight to the eH email. It’s the reason we, as well as them suggest using the guided communication method and at a minimum give it the chance to prove itself before you decide to skip it.

For those who are concerned about someone having the ability to contact directly without the process, you must to accept their message as well as the possibility to bypass the procedure. If you decide that you’d rather undergo the process of guided communication, your potential partner is likely to be required to honor your preferences and proceed with the process or converse with somebody else. If they aren’t willing to take the time to go through the process and wait to you during the process, then they not the best match for you.

If you are considering using the guided communication method Here’s how it will look like. The four steps:

1. Quick Question

The questions that are quick are the first step of the process of guided communication. You can choose from a pre-written set of questions eHarmony will develop and forward them to your potential partner. These questions are aimed at asking the most difficult dating-related questions as in addition to others that are more interesting ones in more of a “welcoming way.”

The potential partner is in a position to respond from a list of pre-written responses. In essence, it lets you to begin getting acquainted without worrying about the right words to say or the best way to approach the questions you would like to ask a potential match.

The quick-question process is free with no paid account, therefore you can begin the process before deciding whether upgrading or not. One benefit you’ll get when you do decide to upgrade the account you have is that it means you do not need to use pre-programmed answers for the questions if you do not wish to.

Once they’ve answered to your queries (or you respond to your questions), eHarmony then lets you reply to them with your own set of questions. You are able to ask any number or amount of questions as you’d like. The process is fairly swift, and it’s certainly not an extended process insofar as the person you’re messaging logs in to reply.

We’ve been told the fact that eHarmony members are usually more attentive and committed to the process of establishing relationships than other similar sites.

Makes or Breaks

Makes or Breaks was one of our top highlights of the process of guided communication as was the whole eHarmony review. It’s an excellent method for potential partners to discuss what’s essential to their relationship and also what could be an obstacle to their relationship. According to eHarmony the majority of happy couple who came from the website mentioned being completely honest in the”make or break” portion in the application process.

What are your “Makes” will be the features that must be present for you when choosing a partner. These are the features that are the things you can’t leave out and are what “makes” an ideal partner good partner for you.

What are your “Breaks” constitute the most important breakers in a deal. They are the characteristics that you will not tolerate from a potential partner. While it might be unpleasant to be able to identify the qualities are in these list items, it could help you save time by not going after those who aren’t comfortable with one particular flaw or characteristic that you may have eHarmony reviews.

Step 3 | Digging Deeper

This Digging Deeper segment in the eHarmony guided communication process works similar to it’s Quick Questions section but on steroids. In this stage in the procedure, you may opt to utilize pre-programmed answers and then make your own. These questions will be more in depth than the first Quick Questions, and will aid you in beginning getting to know your potential partner.

The responses aren’t just written in a pre-written format that you can pick from. You can now reply in your own way and allow the person you are responding to meet your. eHarmony suggests that you respond with a 5-6 sentence limit to show the real you really are.

We totally agree with them. We also suggest taking your time with your answers, not just attempt to breeze through them. If you’re truly committed to finding one you’ve always wanted it’s a good idea to take some time to answer the questions they’ve deemed to be important to them for eHarmony reviews.

Step 4 | eHarmony Mail

eHarmony messaging is standard message that is provided by every dating website. Here you are entirely on your own. the wheels of training are off and you’re no longer being steered by a guide.

In this stage you’ll have a clear idea of what you’re speaking to, so the conversation is likely to flow smoothly. If it doesn’t, then you might not be a good fit with the person, and that’s perfectly fine. You can skip this step however neither eHarmony nor us would recommend it.

Does HTML0 have any outstanding features?

The eHarmony platform has plenty of wonderful, yet simple features that will you make an online relationship will be more successful. If you’re a person who enjoys many different options as well as bells and whistles to keep you entertained it’s unlikely that you’ll enjoy eHarmony.

In our eHarmony review, we noticed that they are focused on one thing : helping you to find love. That means they didn’t overdo it with numerous features that entertain you and don’t contribute to achieving your goals. Let’s examine the options.

What is the Search Feature?

You might be able to see when you log on to eHarmony the fact that they do not offer an old-fashioned search function. There’s nothing worse than starting your listing of features with an option they don’t have, is it? Instead, they show you matches they believe are compatible e harmony reviews.

eHarmony is very happy having the driving seat in helping you choose your partners. Imagine them like your friend who would like to play matchmaker, however, they’re experts and extremely skilled at this. You don’t produce millions of happy long-term relationships simply by luck.

You can look beyond the matches eHarmony provides you with and also browse through your matches and those that are not in your preferred choices. In a way, it is a search feature however it’s not the way you’re familiar with and is not the way they appear to prefer you make use of.

It is also possible to modify your match preferences, that will alter who shows on your feed. We don’t suggest making this change to just see more people. Use the system to your advantage and investigate the matches that they provide.

Why is it that eHarmony not have a real search function? They do this to encourage you to be confident in their processes and systems they’ve established. Let’s take a moment to be honest for one minute…if this is the case, then you’re surely in need of assistance, and eHarmony would like to ensure that you’re getting the right steps. The site has such a great percentage of success in matching perfect people that we’re completely comfortable to accept the reality that they’ve decided to find you.

How Do I Know?

Another feature we enjoyed in our eHarmony review was The What If? feature. It’s called the What If? function is their swipe match system. It’s a method that lets you jump further into the driving seat when it comes to finding the right match.

They’ll show you more than 30 matches each day. Each match will include pictures and basic details about the individual. You’ll be able to swipe left or right based on whether you’re interested or otherwise.

If you decide to select one you enjoy, eHarmony will work to match you with the person you like them. It’s a wonderful system that lets you look at a variety of faces, and possibly meet an individual you may have missed or not appearing in your feed of matches.

For those who are hoping for a greater number of matches each day it’s the perfect feature for you. It’s similar to Tinder but with a more sophisticated crowd of users. Sorry Tinder users…what we are trying to describe is a group who are more focused on relationships, isn’t just enjoying a great time.

Free Communication Weekends

For those who aren’t yet ready to sign up with eHarmony They offer frequent free weekends of communication that allow you to access many of their features at no cost. We recommend that even if you’re not thinking of joining the site, it’s a good idea to sign up for an account so that you are prepared in time for some of the weekends.

On weekends, any members of the site are allowed to flirt, ask inquiries, or write messages/respond to singles.

There are some features that you will not have access to without upgrading but. They include the ability to view the people who have visited your profile as well as your What If? feature, and the ability to view other members’ photos. This is a pity but you’ll be able to connect and get to know others and decide whether it’s worth the effort for upgrading and joining the website.

If you’d like to know more or sign for the next communication weekend with eHarmony We’ve prepared the full guide that contains all the information you’ll must know to know in order to ensure you don’t miss this amazing feature. eHarmony reviews

The Compatibility tab of eHarmony

One of the most impressive areas of the profile we came across in our eHarmony review was the”compatibility tab.

eHarmony reviews showing matches you to other members based upon 15 different characteristics. If you go to the compatibility tab in the profile of a person it will show you exactly how many percent they believe you have in common based on those characteristics.

If you’re searching for someone who is similar to you in a certain way You’ll enjoy using this feature. If you’re an avid data geek, you’ll enjoy it.

Below are the fifteen traits that you’ll discover when you visit this page, along with the definitions eHarmony gives for each

  • Accommodation
    • The desire to comprehend the importance of respecting and embracing the differences of opinion.
  • Affection
    • The tendency to show affection and affection for your partner.
  • Agreeableness
    • Being friendly, understanding and cooperative. Warm and thoughtful.
  • Altruism
    • What is it that is important that you help others.
  • Sport
    • Being active, athletic and staying physically fit.
  • Conscientiousness
    • Being organized and diligent in contrast to being relaxed and chaotic.
  • Emotional Intimacy
    • Being comfortable sharing opinions and thoughts with other people.
  • Exclusion
    • What is important to you is to have just one person at a time.
  • Extraversion
    • Socializing with large groups of people and being the focus of interest.
  • Intellect
    • What a clever and smart person you believe you’re.
  • Physical Intimacy
    • The amount of emphasis put on the physical aspects of a relation.
  • Relationship Values
    • The importance you place on maintaining a an enjoyable, healthy relationship.
  • Religious Values
    • What importance do religion and religious values are in your everyday life.
  • Romance
    • How important intimacy and romance are for you in your relationship.
  • Social Values
    • The importance of making friends.

Let me know about customer support.

eHarmony offers a comprehensive FAQ section which is located at the bottom section of the site’s footer. Based on our analysis they appear to provide answers to nearly every commonly asked question we can imagine. However, what we did take us some time to locate the contact information with any additional questions that were not addressed.

When you select a question , and scroll to the bottom you’ll be able to access an email or telephone support option. We’d like to see these options more prominently displayed but it’s clear that they’re trying to convince users to utilize help via the FAQ section first. If you require assistance, visit to the FAQ page, click the question, then scroll to the end. There’s a link to email assistance.

And if you’d like to know the number, we have it.

  • Phone: 844-544-3173
  • 8 A.M. until 5 P.M. (PT) Monday – Saturday

Price | How much does eHarmony cost?

This is a detailed look at what you will pay to obtain an account with eHarmony. There were a variety of types of memberships with different degrees of service. Nowadays, however all memberships come with the same benefits such as the receipts that can be read as well as the brand new video options!

Member TypeMembership LengthThe cost of membership
Premium Light6 Months$65.90 per month
Premium Plus12 Months$45.90 per month
Premium Extra24 Months$35.90 per month

It’s vital to mention that eHarmony provides discounts and sales throughout the year on all the memberships they offer. However, here’s the trick! One way for you to view these sales is to create an account for a trial period that is free. After that, when you sign in to the account you’re able to find what deals the eHarmony application is offering. Most of the time, these can be up to 50 percent off, or even more in certain cases!

For those who want to know all the latest eHarmony discounts, click the link to try a free trial at the bottom of the page. you’ll instantly be registered with a free trial account as well as the capability to view the specifics.

eHarmony Alternatives

Although we’re soaring about our opinion of the eHarmony program as a top option for serious singles, it may not be the best fit for everyone. That’s okay. If you’re still in the lookout for that perfect person we thought it would be helpful to provide the other options that eHarmony might want to think about. Below is a reviews of each dating application in Florida as well as a list of the people we believe each app is ideal for.

  • Christian Mingle If you’re seeking an all-inclusive Christian relationship that is based on faith, Christian Mingle may be an app you should consider. The site has 15 million members , and unlike eHarmony is entirely dedicated to Christian singles.
  • Zoosk If you’ve reached our eHarmony review and have realized that the app is way too “serious” to be for your tastes, then that’s fine. Perhaps you’re not certain of what you’re looking for in an intimate relationship yet, or you’re seeking more informal dating. If that’s the case, and you’re hearing yourself telling yourself, Zoosk may be worth looking into. It’s still a place for serious couples Zoosk However, there are single women and men who are looking for a more casual relationship.
  • Elite Singles for those of you who are professional or singles who consider education sexually attractive, Elite Singles might be the right choice for you. The site boasts 86 percent+ of singles their site who have a higher than average level of education. Furthermore, a significant portion of members of Elite Singles are over the 30 mark This could or may be detrimental to you.

Does eHarmony really worth the cost?

The main point of the eHarmony evaluation is it’s one of the most effective dating websites that we’ve seen on the market. While it is slightly more expensive than some of the alternatives, it’s absolutely worth it. The features and general quality exceed the few dollars the cost of membership.

If you’re determined to find someone you can spend the remainder of your life with, it could prove worth some dollars.

If you’re looking for a casual date it’s not likely to be a good fit for you. It’s going to be an enormous headache when you meet those who are dissatisfied with their relationship goals. If you’re committed to finding the right partner and something that is lasting and long-lasting, then EHarmony will certainly be worth the investment. You’ll love it.

eHarmony Reviews FAQ

How is success rate for EHarmony?

According to research according to reports, 71 percent from women, and 69% males have a relationship with their partner on eHarmony within one year after joining. What does this mean that you’ll enjoy the same rate of success? It’s contingent on how active you are, how often you update your profile or upload images as well as the amount of time you devote to sending messages or responding to emails from fellow eHarmony members.

What’s the advantages and disadvantages of EHarmony?

In terms of the advantages and disadvantages of eHarmony, the list are long. The most significant advantages of eHarmony is the quality of its members, the accessibility of the site, as well as its track record of its success. The most significant drawback of eHarmony is it’s only suitable for singles who want long-term relationships that are serious and reliable. If you’re interested in seeing the full list of pros and cons read our review of the complete list of eHarmony’s pros and cons right now.

How long will eHarmony require to be operational?

The speed at which you complete your registration form and the amount of active you are is going to affect the length of time it takes to complete. Contrary to some dating websites which make you lose the whole listing members, eHarmony follows a more organized method of operation. This means you will encounter fewer choices, however the quality of choices is higher and you’ll have more outcomes.

Do you think eHarmony has fake profile?

eHarmony has a security department which is available 24/7 to eliminate and block false profiles who attempt to make it onto the website. Naturally, there will be some who slip through the gaps, but because of the complex and thorough registration process there are less fake profiles on eHarmony than on other dating websites.

Do I have the right to return my money in the event that I’m not completely satisfied in eHarmony?

eHarmony provides their eHarmony assurance that does not offer a refund, however, it will give the user three months no-cost service in the event that you do not find any one who is special within the first three months. Be aware that there are different levels of interaction you have to be able to meet to be eligible. The details are provided in the above link.

Can you unsubscribe from eHarmony after one month?

You are able to terminate any time you want to cancel your eHarmony dating membership at any point. But you won’t receive any money back, as well as your account is expected to remain in active status for the period you paid for. There’s no need to pay for it again however, after you have cancelled.

Does eHarmony have a trial, that is free?

Yes! The eHarmony trial for free is open to all daters all over the world. You’ll be able to upload photos of your profile complete your profile and complete the matching test and questionnaires, meet other singles, and become familiar with the program.

What’s the price for one month’s payment for eHarmony?

The price for a single-month membership at eHarmony cost $69.60. It requires a 6-month commitment to membership. To view the complete cost and pricing choices, please visit our current cost of eHarmony page.

Is eHarmony dating site free?

You can join a free trial with eHarmony by clicking the hyperlinks at the upper and lower parts of the page. To gain full access you’ll have to purchase an upgrade membership.

Does eHarmony has an application?

Yes! eHarmony is an app that is fully functional for dating that is available to iOS (iPhone) as well as Android users. The apps are available for download via the free trial pages or via your device’s app store.

Does eHarmony remain in existence?

Yes! eHarmony was created around two decades ago, in the year 1999. eHarmony is still alive and well with over 2.3 million messages sent to potential singles each week. At present, the site is home to 50 percent of men and 49% females.

Does eHarmony actually function?

According to eHarmony the company, more than two million users have met love via the site and application. If we were to judge that, we think those are high numbers to show that the eHarmony app really does work.

How long has eHarmony existed?

eHarmony was established around 2000, at Pasadena, California. The site’s dating service has been in existence for more than two decades!

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