5 Beaches in Bali with the Best Sunsets, Must Visit

Traveling to Bali feels less fun without enjoying the sunset on the beach. No wonder there are many beaches in Bali with the best sunsets, one of the most famous, namely Kuta Beach. There are many other beaches that have not been exposed on the island of Bali.

The main attraction in Bali beach tourism is its white sand which is still clean, although it is often visited by many tourists. Apart from being an instagramable photo spot, it is not uncommon for many couples to get married, to their honeymoon on the island of Bali.

List of Beaches in Bali with the Best Sunset Panorama

There are several choices of beaches that you should visit while on vacation to the island of Bali.

According to Best Hotels and Travels Recommendation, The blue sea with white sand is guaranteed to spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it. Here are the beaches in Bali that have beautiful sunset views, besides Kuta Beach

1. Jimbaran Beach

beach in Bali with the best sunset

The beach in Bali with the first best sunset is Jimbaran. This one beach is known as a very romantic beach. Not without reason, Jimbaran is often used as a place for a romantic dinner together with a partner or loved one.

This is further supported by the many seafood restaurants around the beach, as well as gazebos provided by the beach manager for visitors. Towards the evening, it is certain that visitors will fill the beach to see the sunset.

2. Dreamland Beach

Bali dreamland beach

Dreamland is often used as a tourist destination in a package with Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Its close location makes Dreamland mostly visited by tourists from Garuda Wisnu Kencana. But make no mistake, this beach is also rated as the best sunset spot.

The position of Dreamland itself is directly facing west. This further adds to the beauty of the sunset from this beautiful beach. The beachfront area is also filled with sundeck rental places. That is why Dreamland is visited by many foreign and local tourists.

3. Kelan Beach

kelan beach bali

The beach in Bali with the next best sunset is Kelan Beach. The position of Kelan Beach itself is in the most strategic location in Bali, which is right south of Ngurah Rai Airport. Kelan is often the first tourist destination when you arrive in Bali.

When enjoying the view of the beach in the morning, afternoon, or before sunset, it is not uncommon for the landing and take-off of Ngurah Rai Airport aircraft to complement the view of Kelan. It will definitely be fun to spend time on this one beach.

4. Double Six Seminyak Beach

Double Six Seminyak Beach

Semari Beach Seminyak is often referred to as Double Six Beach. The main attraction of Semari Beach Seminyak is the many places to hang out in the style of young people available around the beach area. When approaching sunset, Semari is certainly crowded with visitors.

One of the most famous restaurants in Semari, namely La Planca Beach Restaurants. This restaurant provides seating facilities in the form of bean bags arranged around the large Semari Beach area. Very suitable as a place to enjoy the sunset with a partner.

Those were some of the beaches in Bali with the best sunsets that can be used as a wish list for your visit while on vacation there. Actually, all the beaches on the Island of the Gods Bali are suitable as a place to enjoy the sunset or the sun goes down in the evening.

However, the beaches above are widely used as choices for foreign and local tourists while on vacation to Bali. Don’t forget to always wear, and don’t forget to use sunscreen and sunblock so that your skin is protected from exposure to UV A and UV B rays.

5. Bali’s Tabanan Tidal Beach

Tabanan tidal beach

The Island of the Gods is a paradise for wave singing. If everyone will imagine Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach when enjoying a tour in Bali, then this Tabanan Pasut beach is a new exotic that is still hidden.

This beach which is still relatively quiet has an attraction that is no less interesting than other beaches.

The view of the beach during the day is surrounded by black sand, sparkling like pearls when the sun shines.

The charming sunset is very clearly visible from this beach which is still relatively virgin.

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