Magnus & Gordon Gallery

Magnus Sebastian & Brenda Gordon

The Magnus & Gordon Gallery features unique and creative original artwork in South Florida.

Magnus Sebastian, a sculptor, reconstructs vintage mannequins in most of his work. His works of art tend to be an idealized expression of the human form. He fills them with innards made of the cast off pieces of technology that we take for granted and discard every day.

Brenda Gordon works in oils and/or acrylics, building up texture and glazes to create vibrancy in color, shadow and light. Her subject matter is diverse and has been described as romantic realism.

Ongoing exhibitions, artists receptions, and fund-raising events are held at the gallery throughout the year. At these events, collectors have the unique opportunity to meet today’s top artists in an enjoyable atmosphere.

magnusandgordongallery.com / 703-477-4792 / bgordonartist@gmail.com

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